Long Island Basement Waterproofing – Family Owned and Operated


Why should you choose ACM Basement Waterproofing?

No other waterproofing company on Long Island can compete with us when it comes to credentials and customer satisfaction. Consider these points:

  • No Mess – No dust, no muddy footprints, no mess. We’ll cover the floors with dropcloths, we’ll cover your furniture with plastic. As one satisfied customer said, “You left my basement cleaner than it originally was.”
  • Customer Satisfaction – We’ve got tons of references you can call and testimonials you can read from satisfied customers all over Long Island. We’ve also got an A rating with the BBB, and we’ve never had a complaint with consumer affairs in either Nassau or Suffolk.
  • BHA – There are only a handful of BHA Certified Waterproofing Specialists in all of New York State; ACM Basement Waterproofing is one of them. Certified Waterproofing Specialists are the experts in their field.
  • Backed By Research – Unlike other companies who depend on a steady flow of brand-new, “patented products” our systems are not something we made up in order to make a quick sale. They are designed by industry experts and backed by decades of research.
  • Customized Solutions – We don’t believe in “one-size-fits-all” systems. This is why we employ a variety of solutions and often combine them in order to ensure that your basement stays dry no matter what.

The Owner, Mark McAlpin

Read through our testimonials and you’ll see the same half a dozen words over and over: “knowledgeable,” “honest,” “professional,” “timely,” clean/neat,” “responsive/accommodating.” When you look at our testimonials, you’ll also see the name “Mark.” This is because the owner of ACM, Mark McAlpin, is personally involved in nearly every job. In most cases, Mark will be the one who conducts the inspection, writes up the recommendation, and provides you with the estimate.

When you call ACM, a representative will set up an appointment for you. The person conducting the inspection will examine your basement, ask questions about the leak, and give you a free, honest, on-the-spot recommendation about your problem and how to fix it. If he decides that a simple, do-it-yourself method will not be sufficient, he’ll also provide you with an estimate for the work.

It is because of Mark’s extensive experience in basement waterproofing that ACM is what it is today: the most knowledgeable, qualified, honest group of waterproofing specialists on Long Island. We’ve won numerous awards for customer satisfaction. We’ve never even had a complaint with consumer affairs. Ever.