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Sump Pumps

Sump Pump Installation

Generally speaking, we install sump pumps in conjuction with a French drain. Sump pump installation starts with a polyethylene basin that is buried near the periphery of the basement. After installing the fully submersible sump pump, we run PVC pipe from the pump to the outdoor discharge location.

Because the sump liner is waterproof, it keeps the pump from performing the excess work associated with perpetually pumping ground water. Other companies will tell you that the sump liner needs to contain holes or else the groundwater may push the sump basin out of the ground. With several hundred pounds of concrete holding the top of the basin into the ground, this is never a problem. In addition, our sump basins are ribbed so that they grip the soil.

Once the sump and pump are installed, the sump is covered with a removable lid to prevent anything (and everything) from falling into the sump. Because the top of the sump is level with the floor, you can continue to use this space for storage.

If all you need is a replacement sump pump, call us today and we’ll replace your current pump with the best sump pump in the business.