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How Do You Waterproof a Basement

How do you waterproof a basement?

The first question many customers have is “What is basement waterproofing? How do you waterproof a basement?” It may seem like a daunting project, but when handled by a professional it is quite a simple process. There are many ways to waterproof a basement. Just as each basement is unique, so is each of ACM’s basement waterproofing solutions. Our knowledgeable and experienced ACM representative will conduct a thorough inspection of your particular problem and offer a custom system tailored to your basement and your needs.

Solutions vary based on factors like the depth of the water table in your neighborhood, the time period during which your basement was built, the landscape of your property and the properties surrounding you, window placement, and many other factors.

Generally speaking, our systems involve a French drain of some kind. French drains are the most reliable way to waterproof a basement. For more information on French drains, as well as a detailed diagram, see our French drain page. See our services page for additional waterproofing solutions.