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Foundation Crack Repair

Foundation Crack Repair and Crack Injection Solutions

Among the most common causes of water intrusion are cracks in the concrete foundation wall. A foundation crack can be caused by a number of factors including settlement, shrinkage during the curing process, or the crack could simply be a weak spot at a cold poured joint.

When dealing with foundation crack repair, it usually isn’t enough to simply apply hydraulic cement or another means of sealing a basement crack on the surface. Hydraulic cement may begin to crumble and fail within the first few years and other surface sealers have a tendency to peal, chip or pull away from the concrete substrate. In order to repair a crack properly, it must be filled with a urethane foam or epoxy resin. Foundation crack repair by ACM involves applying ports to the crack with epoxy and then injecting the crack with a two-part urethane foam.

We generally recommend that foundation crack repairs should be accompanied by a French drain. Since the water will no longer be entering the basement through this crack, it will have to go somewhere else. This means the homeowner may find that the walls are leaking in a new place that never had water before.